Yu Jing


The entire Far East is united beneath the banner of what was once China but which has now formed a single, though varied, oriental culture. Product of great industrial and technological development and a forceful, thriving economy, Yu Jing is determined to achieve the dominant position which it aspires to.

The Yu Jing are renowned for their ability in close-combat. Almost every member of this faction has an above-average CC score. That is not to say they cannot shoot, simply that enemies spend plenty of time maintaining a safe shooting distance to avoid meeting their blades at close-quarters.

The Yu Jing can also field the most Monofilament Close-Combat Weapons (CCW) in the game (the Combined Army are a close second). These blades can shred through any matter – TAGs or Humanoids – and are capable of slaying anything they hit in a single blow.

Yu Jing

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