Rules of playing in the Game

Miniature Per Character Rule

  • Every player must have a 28mm miniature to represent his character by the characters third game
  • Miniature does not need to be from the infinity game line but must be in 28mm scale and be sci-fi in theme so that it matches the Infinity Game setting.
  • There is a in game reward of 5 xp and a skill that is chosen by the GM for having a fully painted miniature.
  • Painting supplies and a service can be provided, but if painting service is used no in game reward will be granted.

General Game Rules

  • There are only 8 player slots for the game.
  • Minimum of 4 players is required for game to start
  • Regular attendance is required (aka let us know if your not going to be there one week) no call no show will get you ejected from the game. The only exception to this is people on extended leave of absence.
  • GM (me) reserves the rite to change rules that are dumb.
  • All players must be over 18, because I do run adult games with adult subject matter and immaturity is not welcome.
  • All players must show up somewhat sober. If you are smashed and cant think your no good to the game (this includes all forms of intoxicants).
  • No power gaming or “cheese” characters. This is a thinking man’s/woman’s game, if you want to go run around and kill stuff all the time then go play in someone else’s group.
  • I do ask players to refrain from reading every single story and wiki entry you can get your hands on. It cuts down on metagaming (using out of character knowledge in game) and keeps the game a mystery.
  • No illegal drugs are to be used at any time in or around the game. I will though you out of my house and game if you are caught.
  • Clean up after yourself. The game will more than likely be played at my house and I don’t like cleaning up after people anymore than anyone else.
  • No cheating, I run on the honesty rule allot and I cant stand cheaters.
  • When spending any XP players must clear it with GM First

Rules of playing in the Game

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