Welcome to Maya, the vast network of data, communications and entertainment in the Human Sphere.

Maya is the vital force of Humanity, the lifeblood of our civilization. With a single click you can move at the speed of thought through millions of channels that will offer you everything you could wish for, but also everything you wouldn’t wish for.

If you are not a habitual user of Maya you may not be prepared for the vortex that is Maya. But don’t worry…

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Vergilius, your personal guide for Access and Navigation in Maya. I am an artificial pseudo intelligence, the latest of the advanced expert programmes, who will guide you through the network, speeding up any search you make and facilitating your understanding of the present situation of the Human Sphere.

As it looks like we are going to spend a long time together, do you mind if I treat you as a fellow voyager? [Accept/Reject]

Thank you! Now we will begin our trip through the flow of data coming out of this node. Select from the pull down menu in front of you the subject that you find most interesting.

  • International
    Reinforcements have been sent to the Paradiso front due to fears of a new offensive by the Combined Army. The increase of small incursions on the western front seems to indicate that the alien threat has gained in strength… [More]
  • International
    Increase in political military tension on the frontier regions of Svalarheima. Recent counter declarations have only served to ignite the hostility bewteen PanOceania and Yu Jing… [More]
  • International
    Ariadna accuses PanOceania before the O-12 for breaking the Exclusion Zone in their eagerness in looking for new seams of Teseum. Advanced units have been seen escorting corporate prospection groups in the areas of… [More]
  • International
    Haqqislam announces a new price rise of Seda and its derivatives.The measure seems to be a ploy to apply pressure on the Senate of the O-12 to accept their package of proposals… [More]
  • Sports
    In a spectacular duel, Wild Bill defeats the challengers Rosebud and Wriezen. The veteran gunslinger, Indian fighter and present star of Aristeia! has shut the mouths of critics about his physical state in a two to one duel reminiscent of… [More]
  • Entertainment
    The Go-Go Marlene Show continues to be the most successful on Maya. In a recent interview, the prima donna of the mass media declares she’s delighted with her audience and her channel Oxyd… [More]



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