With date indicated in the texts directly (for example, Canberra Case at the beginning of the 22nd century)
With date calculated indirectly (for example, Contact phase: twenty years after the separatist Wars (…))
With deduction and / or own decision (for example, discoveries of different technologies).


- Development of the Vila Boosters. They are mentioned in the description of the Caravasares. Interruptor said in Spanish forum: The Vila Boosters is an intersystem transport that accelerates the ships from an interior point of the system to another exterior (…)The famous physicist Luis Vila calculated the theoretical bases of what would be the Boosters at the beginning of the XXIst century, but though its practical accomplishment would be delayed a few decades.


- Permanent Moon- Mars Colonies. A logical step in the spatial exploration with the new intrasystem trips.

- Discovery of Space Object GA6037283, the first navigable wormhole. Page 44. The almost accidental discovery of the espace object GA6037283, the first tangible wormhole, allowed the space agencies to take extrasystem space exploration seriously.

- Project Dawn… Page 44 (…)an international program that saw NASA, the European Space Agency and the Russian Cosmonautic Agency.. The decadence of the American economy that is mentioned as “of the second half of the 21st century” even has not done notch

- Laperouse Probe mission and discovery of Delta-Pavoni system: Page 44: The project´s first phase consisted of the delivery and recovery of a probe through the wormhole.

- Lewis and Clark Probe missions, Discovery of Dawn. Page 44 A double probe called Lewis&Clark was sent with the purposing of collecting and analyzing an exhaustive amount of data, (..)These compiled biophysical reports confirmed the fourth planet was suitable for terraformation and colonization. This planet was baptized Dawn (Amanecer, Aube, Paccbet).

-Construction of the colonisation ship Ariadna


- Shipment of Pallas. Page 44 To guarantee security and the stability of the wormhole a third probe was sent (…) As the Pallas reports were analyzed, the building and outfitting of the Ariadna was completed.

- Construction of the second Ship Aurore-Dawn.

- Launch of Ariadna colonisation ship on route to system Delta-Pavoni.
There are no clear references of when the colonists go to Ariadna, except phrases like (page 49): The American Ariadnians established a society that was heir to that of the middle of the 21st century USA.
This might place the launch a decade later, but is clear that in those days the Earth has the Energetic Crises, so is doubtful that could confront this project in this decade. I prefer thinking that the text refers to the society of the first half of the 21st century.

- Aurore-Dawn lost . Page 45 The second colony ship had a greater capacity, transporting more settlers, supplies and support material for Ariadna. Sadly, the Aurora would never arrive at her destination The wormhole would collapse during her travel, losing the Aurora and isolating the Dawn system from the rest of Humanity.

- First contact: Aurore-Dawn in Paradiso: Page 113. The First Contact of Humanity with the remains of an alien species occurred without the Sphere having the least knowledge about it. The investigators were surprised when they identified the First Discovery as a settlement of the vanished colony craft Aurore-Dawn.

- Settling Phase on Dawn. Page 45 The first task of the crew after arriving at Delta-Pavoni was fixing a stable orbit round the planet and then proceeding to install the necessary orbital structures for the colonization.(..) The second phase consisted of delivering landing shuttles with the necessary military personnel to secure the landing area and making the first surveillance of the terrain..(..) After several months of preparations, the final landing of the mother spaceship Ariadna took place..


- First Contact: Antipodes. Page 45 "Once the first Settling Phase was completed successfully and the settlers defrosted and organized in a productive social system, a series of military campaigns of advance exploration and expansion began..(…) And then first contact was made with the indigenous inhabitants of the planet, the so-called Antipodes who were found in the East Mountain Range.

- Division of the population on Ariadna: Depression Page 45-46 The division of available resources would lead to an era of scarcity known as the Depression. The Depression was characterized by the numerous acts of pillage and robbery committed in the outer settlements and in Rodina.

- Energy Crisis: The shortage of oil seems to culminate in this decade of the 21st century Page 61 The great Muslim magnates wanted to recover a geopolitical relevance lost since the important Energy Crisis of the middle of the 21st century (…)

- Caucasian Conflicts. Page 110 (talking about the Neocolonial Wars) A conflict whose dimensions and repercussions would dwarf previous conflagrations such(…) the Caucasian Conflicts in the 21st century.
I placed the Conflicts just after the Energy Crises, which are a reason more than probable of a great warlike conflict.
Another reference to this conflict appears in the Page 19 Conflicts have shifted from frontier actions (Caucasian Conflicts) to regional deployments(…). The large, heavy and well-armoured war machines (..) were prominent in 21st Century zones of conflict(..)

- First Cuantronic Processors. An important technological jump, it might be one of the reasons of the great expansion of China.

- Economic expansion of China, Political-Economic union of Asian states. Page 30. In the first half of the twenty first century, Chinese leaders saw a clear danger in their future: China was in danger of dying from success.
The process of absorption of other countries will be shaping the core of the future Yujing.


- Association of Pacific states: Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia Page 14 In the middle of the 21st century, the Australian and New Zealand authorities felt compelled to join with their former Indonesian and Malaysian commercial rivals to avoid the unstoppable advance of Chinese corporations and their economic might. The Panoceania’s core

- Construction of prison ship Corregidor. Page 76. Corregidor was launched into space by a conglomerate of South American nations that needed a high security prison where they could “store” the most dangerous criminals.

-Project Toth. Page 123:(…) was a gigantic R&D (Research and Development) programme that sprang from the requirements of the scientific teams of the great governmental research complexes such as the CERN Page 15. Panoceania was the force that drove the ambitious Project: Toth, the origin of Aleph, the first and only Artificial Intelligence of the human Sphere
A project that can have been the catalyst of the Panoceanic technological supremacy, thanks to the new cuantronic computers.

- Construction of the first Orbital Elevator. The orbital elevators are an interesting development when the traffic earth / space comes a few specially big volumes. The first elevator would help to that Corregidor was growing, the construction of more Elevators, to Lazaretto.
Page 77 The construction of orbital elevators in the Ecuador zones of Earth would provoke huge population shifts.

- Founding of PanOceania. I supposed a not very big period to consolidating Panoceania.


- Development of Maya. Panoceania is … Page 14 (…)pioneer in space exploration and the development of the AI, ALEPH (…).

- China absorbs South Korea and Japan. Page 30. The fall of the former USA battered all the countries that had invested their economic future in North America. Japan and South Korea,(..) With an economic and social crisis on the horizon, the leaders of both nations decided to mortgage their future to that of China.

- First Yu Jing Emperor. Page 30.In an unexpected maneuver, descendants of the Ming and Qing dynasties were located and from their lineage the figure of the Emperor was restored as a symbol, not only of China, but also of a new nation. Renamed as Yu Jing (…)

- Beginning of PanOceanian space program: Page 15. PanOceania has invested a great deal of their scientific and economic capital in the development of the space race and the investigation of wormholes. The PanOceanians were the first to reach the stars (…)

- Farhad Khadivar founds the Haqqislamite movement. Page 60 Founded by Farhad Khadivar at the end of the 21st century,(…) in ten years succeeded in establishing the basis for the awakening of Islam as relevant power.


- Council of Manila: creation of the O-12 Page 122 O-12 is the official name of the international organism born of the coalition of democratic nations that decided to replace the obsolete and inoperative United Nations Organization.
I have placed The Council of Manila (background detail extracted of restricted access databases) in this critical period of the Humanity: creation of both big powers, birth of the haqquislamism, crisis of the United States…

- Corregidor enlarged with Lazareto. Page 77 An expansion area with new modules was added to the ship and 3 million people from Africa and Equatorial America were transferred there, thanks to the support of several humanitarian organizations. This expansion would be popularly known as “Lazareto”.
Nevertheless, support to Corregidor gradually withered and the spaceship was obliged to start looking after herself..

- Recognition of Aleph as an Artificial Life. Page 123: (…) after more than a century of living and working with ALEPH (and depending on it) there has not been the least reason to distrust it. With this information, I have put this important event almost 110 years before 2183 (the present of the Human Sphere)

- Discovery of Tesseum mines, end of depression on Ariadna. Beginning of Consolidation phase on Ariadna. I calculated a Depression period of almost 20 years, a whole generation. Page 46 The Consolidation Phase was characterized by a partial political stability and a great industrial, economic, and demographic development. Communication routes were consolidated and infrastructure developed. Many colonies and stanitsas abandoned their temporary aspect, becoming authentic cities.

- Discovery of NeoTerra Page 18 The first system discovered by PanOcenaian space pioneers and the first to be colonized.
There are no clear references to the dates of the discoveries of the planets. I calculated intervals between the diverse discoveries supposing that the effort to colonize and terraforming would suppose a pause in the search of new planets.

- Yu Jing space program begins. Page 31. In principle, the rulers of Yu Jing did not trust the possibilities of space exploration,(…) when the discovery of Neoterra revealed the real potential of Jump Gates, Yu Jing was several years behind in space investigation and development (…)

- Murder of Farhad Khadivar. Page 60 His unexpected death, at forty-two years old, in a violent terrorist attack ordered by the imam Khalaf ibn Ahmad, would turn him into a martyr of the Haqqislamite cause.


- Discovery of Acontecimento. Pg 18 PanOceania´s granary and factory planet. The second system to be discovered and the first to be massively colonized by the Latin nations and some PanOceania “minorities”.

- Hamid al-Din al-Hamdani expand Haqqislamite doctrine. Page 61 One of the great heralds of Khadivar’s vision was Hamid al-Din Al Hamdani, who headed a fierce media campaign.(…) In a brief period of time, and with the rhythm of an ascending crescent, the peak of Haqqislam was unstoppable.

- Discovery of Shentang-Yutang. Page 31 In relatively little time, but not before the discovery of Acontecimento, not one but two fertile and suitable planets were discovered.

- Construction of Tunguska. Page 75 "The spaceship is the result of a joint project of bankers and cryptohackers who found an alternative solution to the dominant technocratic economic and social model ruling the Sphere, which was too easily controlled by the State.
A decade of Aleph’s increasing control is a good reason to build a spaceship like that and to escape, undoubtedly.

- Beginning of Haqqislamic space program. Page 61(…)several voices raised inside Haqqislam pleading for the creation of their own country.(…) The physical location of this country could be not be on Earth, as there was no nation ready to give up part of its territory in order for them start an independent country(…) The ideal option was locating a Wormhole that led to a system containing a habitable planet, (…) Haqqislam enrolled NASA, which was in need of funds after the successive economic crises that had battered the USA. (…)

- Discovery of Varuna. First Contact with the Helots: Page 18 The oceanic planet. The third inhabitable system discovered. (by Panoceanian space pioneers) and the first possessing a semi-intelligent native species. For the Earth, the First Contact with aliens of certain intelligence, though for the Humanity it was the third one.

- PanOceanian capital transferred to NeoTerra. Page 18 This is the headquarters of the state and planetary Government, of the Church and of the Military Complex.


- Yu Jing imperial headquarters transferred to Shentang. Page 31 To cement the government´s commitment to space colonization and in order to avoid the internal issues with former nation states that had joined Yu Jing, the capital was transferred to the new system

- Construction of Bakunin. Tunguska’s example could be the impulse of this initiative, for similar reasons. Page 78. Different dissident groups across the Sphere over the years united in a hidden network, (…) started looking for a place to live far away from everything and everybody(…) the best place for this was deep space. For this reason, they found a discarded transport craft (..) and loaded it with living modules.

- Discovery of Bourak.. Page 62 The probe Nailah discovered a system composed of a suitable Sol type star and four planetary bodies, one of which, even though a bit too close to the star, was capable of colonization. The discovery of the system that would be called Bourak (as the Prophet´s horse) would be interpreted as proof of the legitimacy of the Haqqislamite movement.



- Colonisation and terraforming of Bourak. Page 62 (..) the chosen planet, the third in order from the star, was not the promised paradise (..) The average temperature was high and the most part of the surface was between the tropical and equatorial zones of the planet(..) Agronomic technicians and environmental engineers were the specialists most needed to make colonization feasible.

- Canberra Case, the new system of Lobbies. Page 15: "In the beginning of the XXII century, political corruption scandals such as the Canberra Case involved almost all the great actors of the PanOceanian political arena. These sentenced the traditional political system to death (…) However, the lobbies were still there and ready to fill the resulting political void.

- O-12 recognises Haqqislamic nation. Page 62 O-12 acknowledge the new nation and its territory, and in Muslim countries not controlled by religious authorities the number of followers would not stop creasing, all wanting a ticket to Bourak.

- Synthesis of the Silk discovered. Page 65. At the beginning of Bourak´s colonization (..) they investigated new techniques, methods and pharmacological patents that helped fund the expensive colonization (..) the most well-known name is that of Qayyim Zaman, the first to synthesize Silk, a product that would revolutionise the Sphere´s society and give Haqqislam definitive status as a great power.

- Development of Cubes. Page 9 A sophisticated brain implant of wetware, a quantronic biotechnological microprocessor where you can record the memories and personality of its carrier.

- Church founds Military Orders. The technology of resurrection, in hands of the Church in the zone of Panoceania influence gave the sufficient impulse for the creation of these Orders.
According to certain restricted access databases, some of them took part in the Nanotech War, so this step must be between both events.
Page 15: (…) The Christian Church, keep strict control over the functioning of the Resurrection system of memory Cubes(..) This has seen a resurgence of religious fervor and provided the Christians with a new epoch of splendor and influence.

-First Lhost: Page 8 The Cube can be implanted in a Lhost (LiveHost), a clonically adapted biosynthetic body.

- First Resurrections. Once developed the necessary engineering, volunteers would not be absent for the immortality…

- Nanotech Wars Last war of decadent USA at the beginning of the 22nd century, according to classified information. A reference appears in the article of the TAGs (see following point of the chronological line)

- First TAG models. Page 19 The T.A.G.s (Tactical Armoured Gear) are a product of the dominant military philosophies since the Nanotech Wars and the CentroAmerican Campaign.

The development of fundamental arms technology in Infinity, as the TAG, follows the normal guideline of giving important jumps in war. In this case there is this reference to when they could be developed, as response to the prohibition of the use of nanotechnology.

- Discovery of Concilium. A few decades convulsed with bloody wars, new planets, technology of resurrection, new States and others, can have been the favorable environment in order that O12 was looking for its own planet to develop its activity with independence.


- Transfer of O-12 to Concilium. Page 122. "O-12 has its headquarters on the planet Concilium, which it owns (…) Page 123 When O-12 was transferred to Concilium system, Project: Toth had already turned into one of the most important bureaus in the organizational structure of O-12.
The latter phrase made me put a few decades between Aleph’s recognition as form of intelligent life and this event.

- Second Antipode Offensive. Page 46 In the midst of the expansion phase a series of severe storms erupted, accompanied by extreme drops in temperature (…) Demographic pressure, hard living conditions and accumulated hatred towards the humans triggered the Second Antipode Offensive.
The Phase of Expansion passes between 2074 (approx) and 2155 (approx: Separatist Wars), which places the Second Offensive about 2114

- The first Dog Faces appear. Page 46 One of the consequences of the Second Antipode Offensive was the birth of the so-called Dogfaces, the hybrid human-Antipodes.

- O-12 recognises Nomad nation. Page 74 (..) the only thing that stops the great powers destroying the Nomads, or severing their access to Circulars, is their status as an independent nation. Thanks to this status, they have diplomatic representative in O-12, so other nations are obliged to tolerate them even though they hate it.

- Beginning of the Caravansar Net. Page 63. The main basis of the Haqqislamite commercial net is the caravansary system that functions as a series of free ports for their mercantile transactions and operations.

- O-12 places Circulars under its protection and jurisdiction. Pure speculation, but after recognizing the last big powers and to settle itself in its own planet, O12 should have the necessary power to control this resource, thankfully for the Nomads..


- Phantom Conflict. Page 74. Hostility from the two main powers was manifested during the Phantom Conflict, a secret war against the Nomad Nation. A low intensity undercover war had Nomads on the rack but they managed to move as efficiently on the battlefields as in the political arena, surviving all offensives sent against them. The Phantom Conflict was resolved in an impasse that built up the Nomad position in the Human Sphere.

Really, it is possible to observe in the graph that after a beginning of century full of transcendental events, there is a period of calmness that starts breaking with the discoveries of new planets.

- Resurrection of Ariadna space program. Page 47 After the Second Offensive came a period of reconstruction.(…) The old plan of putting to work the satellite network was reconsidered.

-Project Runihura: (Destructor),Page 68 a super-soldier program of intensive genetic improvement. Because of this biogenetic therapy of physical improvement, their strength, endurance and reaction capacity is amplified..

In the texts dedicated to Tarik Mansuri (page 71) is commented that (..) He was one of the first Khawarijs that submitted to Runihura,(..) is a veteran of the Silk Revolts, Neocolonial Wars and Ariadnian Commercial Conflicts.(..)Forty years of service as a conqueror and executor for Haqqislam have prompted his participation in several high-risk missions (..)
Supposing a few years to develop the Project Runihura, the 40 years of Tarik’s fights might begin precisely in these Silk Revolts, that I have placed little later

- TO Technology. Another technological jump for the war. After the NanotechWars, the Phantom Conflict seems to be the major conflict that exists and therefore the best possible catalyst for this jump in the warlike technology. The own name of the conflict is very suggestive with regard to the possible development and use of this technology in it.


- Silk Revolts. see Project Runihura.

- First combats on channel Aristeia! Page 9 At the moment the most fashionable extreme contact sport is Aristeia!. This is a circuit of high level dues and armed combats.


- Discovery of Svalarheima. Page 18 The snowball of discord. A planet far from its star, Svalarheima registers very low temperatures that make the country uninhabitable with the exception of zones between the tropics.


- Separatist Wars. Approximately 20 years after these wars the first contact takes place with the rest of the Human Sphere, (see decade 2170), after the neocolonial wars. Page 47. USAriadnians, Merovingian and Caledonians said they were fighting for freedom, as Cossacks defended their ideals of unity and joint progress. Their positions were completely opposed and irreconcilable. Politics gave way to warfare.

- Ariadna Federal Nation is founded Page 47 The expensive Cossack victory in the Separatist Wars served to create a federal statute, linking the three separatist states to Rodina but with some liberties and prerogatives that palliated their feeling of defeat. The Ariadna Federal Nation was born.

- Discovery of Paradiso. Page 113. Paradiso is the planet of constant conflict. The main theatre of the NeoColonial Wars and bridgehead of the alien offensive (..) Paradiso is a fertile planet, and according to terrestrial parameters, lush to excess.

- Dog Bowl begins. Page 47 After the Separatist Wars a street sport called Dog-Bowl, usually practiced by Dogfaces and some larger Ariadnians, was professionalized.

- CentroAmerican Campaign. Page 110 A conflict whose dimensions and repercussions would dwarf previous conflagrations such as the Centro American Campaign in the second third of the 22nd century (…)
This appointment refers to the Neocolonial Wars, the First Intergalactic War of the Humanity, so this conflict had to be very important also.

- TAG’s with Remote Presence successfully tested. Page 19 The T.A.G.s (Tactical Armoured Gear) are a product of the dominant military philosophies since the Nanotech Wars and the CentroAmerican Campaign.
Only Panoceania have the technology of Remote Presence in TAGs. Reading the previous paragraph, I placed this qualitative jump in the TAG technology nearby to the Centro American Campaign.


- Mercenary Companies begin to form. Another possible consequence of the Centro American Campaign and of the tension after the discoveries of Svalarheima and Paradiso. These planets have more rival nations disputing the resources that the first ones in being colonized. Page 102 The commercial arena is in a phase of steady expansion, with new and fertile territories to exploit (..) a context is created to see Free mercenary Companies on increase..

- Discovery of the Human Edge. Last discovered system (if we do not count Ariadna). There is a reference to the recent of the latter discoveries here: Page 7 Hard and cold Svalarheima, the suffocating jungles and devastated cities of Paradiso, the dense woods of Ariadna. The unfathomable void at the Human Edge system. Names only recently appeared(’..)

- Project: Orleans Maiden, Joan of Arc. Page 27. The project “Orleans Maiden” was undertaken at PanOceania´s request to create a military leader able to inspire troops in the most difficult of combats. (..) When the Neocolonial Wars were declared, Joan of ARC was already Sister-Officer of the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, (..)
Both Juana of Arch and Sun Tze was recreated before the NeoColonial Wars. The perspective of conflicts in Human Edge can have been the impulse to carry out this project.

- Maidan Basha Trilateral agreements. "A Transystem Trade Treaty as says in page 10 of the book. They took place in Concilium Prima, as it is annotated in a comic strip drawn of the page 67. There are no indications of when it took place, but they do not seem to be very distant in the time. The discovery of the rich deposits of Human Edge is a probable reason of that it was necessary.

- Project: Advisor, successful resurrection of Sun Tze. Page 41 The “Project Advisor” was Yu Jing’s answer to Project “Orleans Maiden”.(..) ALEPH recreate a military strategist, a less notorious persona that functioned as a power behind the throne, creating victories without receiving too much publicity.


- First NeoColonial War. Page 110. History books point to the destruction of the PanOceanian cargo Rohinis´s Wink over Svarlarheima as the origin of the NeoColonial Wars. (…) The Initial Phase, or First Neo Colonial War, lasted for a year and a half and took place in the shared systems of both powers. Paradiso, Svalarheima and the Human Edge (…)the impasse situation of the war, the tremendous costs it generated, the social pressure and O-12´s intervention, provoked the calling of a truce in the Neutral City of Accra.

- Helot Rebellion. Page 110 Ten months later, Yu Jing´s role in the Rebellion of the Helots on Varuna was revealed, as well as its support of the Liberto terrorist groups.

-Climax Phase, Rio Negro Peace. Page 110 The rupture of the Accra Truce would provoke the Climax Phase of the NeoColonial Wars. In this stage of the war, the superior Yu Jing navy saw the conflict reach the Solar System, Varuna and Acontecimento (…)Yu Jing was unable to maintain its rhythm and after the PanOceanians answered(…) the Rio Negro Peace was negotiated.

- Discovery of alien and human remains on Paradiso. Page 110. The discovery of ancient vestiges of human and alien presence in the Niedmans Zone in Paradiso would be the spark that would feed the flames of war again..

-Last Neocolonial war, Peace of Concilium Page 110. The Terminal Phase, or Last Neocolonial War, developed in a bloodier fashion than those previous.(…) Haqqislam and the Nomad Nation were dragged into the war and their cities, colonies and townships became strategic points in the conflict.
Page 111: The Terminal Phase turned into a total war that as with the Initial Phase, after its fast and aggressive start, became bogged down waiting for radical measures.(…) social pressure against the war reached unsustainable levels, seeing it end with the signature of the Concilium Peace.
The clearest temporary reference was obtained in this paragraph: Page 110. A decade has already passed since the end of the neoColonial Wars.(..)

- Project: Duellist, successful resurrection of Miyamoto Mushashi. Page 105 The Project “Duellist” was initiated by the AI at the request of the VissioRama Maya channel(..) to recreate a contemporary equivalent of Mucha-Shugyo, the wandering pilgrimage that Miyamoto made between 1605 and 1612.

- Contact Phase, Nirriti probe rediscovers Ariadna. Page 47 Twenty years after the Separatist Wars, the Ariadnians had already found a meaning and a understanding of having their own state, considering Dawn their own planet. This was the moment when the PanOceanian exploration craft Nirriti arrived at Dwan through a new wormhole.

- Commercial Conflicts: Page 47 Different states resolved to defend their own interests, resulting in the so-called Ariadnian Commercial Conflicts.(..) Diplomatic measures and troops from the Bureau Aegis hovered over PanOceanian and Yu Jing interests on Ariadna, deactivating the conflicts with the subtlety of a hammer.

2180- 2185

- QingDao report. Pages 35-36 YuJing State Empire is carrying out a campaign of infiltration and seizure of power in all areas of the Human sphere.(..) Two retired PanOceanian investigators(..) have provided confirmtation of the explosive nature of the report´s contents.
This report seems to be recent in the background of the Human Sphere.

- Second Contact, the discovery of the Combined Army. Page 114 -115 The discovery of the Aurora marks the beginning of the phase called Second Contact. (…) The advance fleet of the Combined Army appeared suddenly activating the wormhole and opening a type of Jump Gate unknown to human astrophysics



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